About ACR & SwiftPOS

Providing effective Point of Sale solutions for Kiwi businesses since 1969

We take the time to understand what you need. Our experienced team will then implement the POS technology that’s right for your business.

It’s all backed by comprehensive training and 24 hour support, so you know the POS you have is making your business better.

Our nationwide network means you can benefit from this total solution wherever you are.

Whether you’re running a neighbourhood business or a national franchise, we can provide Point of Sale that works for you.

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Authorised SwiftPOS Reseller

SwiftPOS is the popular choice for restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and retail stores of all sizes. It’s developed specifically for the way business operates in New Zealand and Australia.

SwiftPOS is your “go to” software to utilise all your hardware needs, including terminals, tablets, kiosks, menu boards, printers, scanners and eftpos.

A tailored SwiftPOS solution gives you


SwiftPOS is trusted by businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia, with over 4,000 sites and 25,000 POS terminals.


SwiftPOS is ready to go, whatever business you’re in. It can be customised to work the way you want.


Transactions are completed quickly – no delays for you or your customers.


SwiftPOS can grow with you. Add as many terminals as you want and invest in new features as you need them.

How SwiftPOS can help you run your business

  • Stock and accounts management
  • Membership, loyalty and voucher programs
  • Restaurant table management
  • Staff clock-ins
  • Kitchen order management
  • Menu boards and on-screen advertising
  • On-line ordering and order at table
  • Full back office reporting
  • Third party integration for increased flexibility
  • Ongoing software enhancements to help you maintain a competitive edge