Membership & CRM

SwiftPOS gives you all the features you need for member retention and growth.

Use SwiftPOS member management to create loyalty programs and member interaction at your venue.

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Membership and Loyalty POS Solution

Manage Subscriptions/Fees

Manage club membership fees with multiple membership options, venue access control, fee payments, member draws and other options from the SwiftPOS loyalty functionality.

Earn & Redeem Loyalty Points

Give loyalty points to reward your members and manage how they can be redeemed.

Market to your Members

Contact your members in a variety of ways.

Base your communication on spends, attendance, point of interest, birthdays, age, and joining date.

Membership & Loyalty added value

Venue Entry Door Control

Restrict entry to a venue based on a member’s subscription status. Restrict entry to certain times or deny entry if member is unfinancial. Give staff different access times based on their roles.

Member Draw Activated at POS

Easily run a member draw based on attendance or purchase made on the day.

Member Loyalty/Rewards

Individuals or groups of members can be rewarded based on attendance or spend.

Take Subscription Payments at the POS

Reduce office administration duties by accepting member fee payments at the POS terminal. The member is instantly recognised as financial at time of payment and their record updated.

A reminder at the POS terminal can also pop-up when a member swipes their membership card and their fees are due.

Multiple Member Classifications

Set different membership fees pricing, loyalty rewards and product pricing based on pre-set criteria or spend amounts (eg Gold Member).

Link family members to a family membership.

Member Activity Reporting

Identify the members who are most active so you can reward them accordingly.

Reach out to members who are inactive so you can entice them to return.

Venue Entry Sign-in Terminal

Interact with your members at sign-in time by automated greeting and participation in random draws.

Web-Based Customer Ordering

Allow customers to order from their device for delivery or pick-up.